The Rose Order


In the year 2057, Collette, a former mafia queen commits suicide after battling with the demons from her past, leaving behind the legacy of an organized crime ring. She leaves behind a letter for her granddaughter, Red, explaining the reason for this act and gives detailed information about the crime ring she started with her friends in the year 2013. In her youth, Collette and her fraternal twin sister, Beth, are torn by their divided loyalties — Collette remains loyal to their mother, while Beth stands by their father Taurus, a Jamaican drug smuggler known as Fada Plenty. Plenty takes in a young girl, Katherine (Kat), when the twins are teenagers. All three girls assist him in selling drugs up until their college years.

Collette and Beth join a sorority called Alpha Sigma Psi and while pledging, they meet two girls: a young naïve pastor’s wife, Renee, a.k.a. Churchie, and a promiscuous college escort Nicole, a.k.a. Nikki Nasty. Kat doesn’t attend any university, but she works very closely with Fada Plenty and enjoys bantering with Nikki—the two have history together. While going through arguments, illness, mayhem and murder, together these five women establish The Rose Order. Forty-four years later, Red is coping with the loss of her grandmother, and dealing with threats from a futuristic version of her grandmother’s crime ring. While learning about her grandmother’s past, Red wonders if she’s watching The Rose Order fall apart, or if she’s a part of its twisted evolution.

Written and Directed by: Tami-Lee
Executive Producer/Production Designer: Mai Nguyen
Producers: Bertha Barrett, Mai Nguyen, Tami-Lee
Assistant Producer: Cher Davis
Director of Photography: Jerame Perry

The Kingdom of Karza


A thousand years have passed since the fall of the industrialized world. Nuclear war has scarred the earth, pseudoscience has bred men into monsters, and forgotten gods have risen from their sleep. The land formerly known as the Americas, now known as the Red West, is ruled by seven kingdoms, the most powerful of which is known as Karza. Scientist Nicolas Karza experimented with a mutation his blood, developing from it not only a great source of energy but of power as well. What started as a small settlement soon developed into the most powerful kingdom to the South, and the mutation of the blood was passed on through the generations of the Karza family. Now, generations later, control over this advanced source of power is the root of many conflicts between neighboring territories. The battle for dominance has begun…

The Kingdom awaits you.

Executive Producers: Ngocanh Nguyen, Mai Nguyen
Assistant Producers: Eddie Alicea Gonzalez, Cher Davis
Director: Mai Nguyen
Assistant Director: Tami-Lee
Director of Photography: Josh Van Zant
Writers: Mai Nguyen, Tami-Lee, Danielle Marks,
Timmy Underwood

Cirque du Mors


Alayna Decelles is a young girl at the age of eleven. She has a vivid imagination that always causes mischief. One night this imagination grows wild inviting her into a brand new world of carnival pleasure that hides a dark secret. Alayna must now fight to survive in a maze of danger and terror all while her grip on reality begins to slip away and the line between imagination and truth becomes blurred.

When she first enters this new world, she is given everything she could ever wish for by a mysterious stranger. At first glance she believes that she has found a new place to call home. After indulging for several days Alayna begins to notice that she is the only patron in the entire carnival... that is until she catches a glance of a young boy who hides in the shadows. With his help, she learns that she has become captive to a dark and terrible madman who wants to steal her soul. Her only hope to survive is to rely on the help of this stranger to find a way of escape before it is too late.

Written and Directed by: Taylor McCloud
Producer: Mai Nguyen
Production Design/Set Design: Jessi Bain
Assistant Producer: Cher Davis
Director of Photography: Robby Word