Women in Film & Television

“Women in Film & Television – Florida (WIFT-FL) is charged with building positive images of media-makers (both women and men), empowering them to achieve their highest professional/creative potential, and helping more job opportunities throughout the State of Florida.” Personally, I have attended a few of the Jacksonville, Florida WIFT meetings. The networking opportunities are amazing, because you’re meeting people with the same passion who understand your vision.

It’s also a great place to meet new people in the field, from producers to actors, prop makers, make-up artists and more. There’s always information being distributed, which helps everyone out in field. It’s a true support system that pushes you forward. I look forward to seeing where the city Jacksonville takes this organization of professionals.

As a member, I like to show my support wherever I can. I feel it is very important in this industry to be part of this network of support. We need to look out for each other so that we can rise together. Teamwork is key because it’s no fun when you reach your goals, it’s no fun if you don’t have anyone share it with. So come one, come all. We can do this!