Kingdom of Karza

The art department was a very big part of this production; the crew took hours to work on things from wardrobe to location.  It took a lot of hard work and dedication to bring the Kingdom of Karza to life. Creating a steampunk themed script took guts, and we had to use what was in our hand.

I worked very closely with every cast and crew member; getting the cast measurements for wardrobe, having them practice their British accents, making sure that we ran 3 cameras at all times, and helping with the 4K lighting- I made it my mission to be there for everything.

On production week, the rain took us by surprise; everything was going a little too perfect so I guess we needed an obstacle. We were just about to say action, and suddenly I felt a raindrop, I started to yell, “Everyone run for shelter!” The rain poured like we hadn’t had any in years, I thought to myself, “Wow, really?” The actors were running, the crew scrambled for the equipment- we had to think fast, and on that day I learned that I was a true leader.

I barked out all my orders, and most of my equipment went under a tent, but there was so much water on top of it. I was certain the tent would fall in, but luckily I had the second one. I grabbed a few crew members to carry the tent over. We moved everything and everyone under the stronger tent.

The rain continued to pour down on us like we were in hurricane season, but we got everything out of the rain. The cast and crew turned to me like, “What are we go to do now?” They wanted to finish this, and so did I. My heart just dropped, and I even cried a little on the inside.

I had to think fast, what was my plan B for this? I sent everyone home and started brainstorming. I drove around all night looking for the next location, the police pulled me over, and my gas tank was empty but I refused to give up. When I finally found my new location, all my hard work had paid off. I couldn’t be to upset, we live in Florida: home of bugs, shootings, and thunderstorms. I learned my lesson that day.


Besides the rain that caused so much damage, the team was able to see this production all the way through to the end. Their curiosity of what this production could be brought them closer to creating a world I had created in my mind. I often ask myself, what was I thinking? Trying to create a steampunk world in Jacksonville Florida, but honestly, thinking outside of the box is more fun than worrying about rain.


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