Miami Spring Break

Where else better to be? Then Miami, itself for spring break. Miami is very diverse with mostly islander, like Jamaican, Haitian, Puerto Rican, and Cuban. The food from all the culture can keep you happy and full. Everywhere you go there fresh fruit of some kind, along with sugarcane. The beautiful weather of Miami, top everything off. The sun on your skin, the breeze your through your hair. The ocean smell draws you to South Beach. Where everything and everyone are sexy one way or another. South Beach, you mean Sexy Beach.

The point of being in Miami was to help, a friend who is basically family to me. With their baby who was modeling for clothes product. I had fun with the little girl, but she was so sleepy from the car ride over to location for shooting. This is where sleeping baby model came to the table. She is a beautiful baby; I look forward working with her more.  Before you know it, she is going be in Vogue or Fashion. One day. Soon.   

When in Miami, I am always with my girl my cousin Negesti. I love her. We have the best of time together, as always. We be dipping and doing it. From party to bars to clubs, then IHOP. The moments we made and will be making. Good time. For this trip, I really needed to see Negesti again. I needed an escape from reality and relax. We had girls talk. Truthfully, I haven’t had lucks in a relationship.  Negesti remind me, find a gentleman. The right guy will come. Always I am a lady, every man crosses my path need understand that. Don’t give end cause temptation. Anyone can be sexual, but who really there for me. Every lady has a gentleman by her side.  Every gentleman has a lady by his side. The half and half, together that will be a whole one day. Until my gentleman come knocking on my door. I’m just enjoying life to the fullest. Life is too short.