Mai Mediterranean

Every year family and friends look forward for my birthday party. I choose different theme every year, this year was Mediterranean. The venue was at Mandaloun Mediterranean Cuisine, the restaurant is family owned. The food were great, their lentil soup is the best I ever taste. I just want take the pot home with me.

To top of the evening, belly dancer: Brielle Behira perform. She mix traditional dance with hip hop, very creative of her. I can watch her perform all day. Vision art is breath taken. How she move with the beats of the music and the color choices of outfits, bring it all together.

My birthday is like reunion/networking from business owner, actor, writer, director, comedian and so much more. It is just melting pot of people from all directs, of different background and culture. I love having diversity, group of family and friends. They keep me having open mind about everything and everyone.

Overall, it was great seeing everyone again. We get so busy in our life before you know it, a year passed by. Time move faster, then we can imagine. On the morning of my birthday, I like going see the sunrise. To think and reflect on what I’m done up to this point in life. Where I’m at, where I need be, where I should be this coming year. I set myself goals short and long, to get to my final goal.

Then I need keep surround myself with people who support me, people who keep thing raw, people with mindset of moving forward. Positive energy is hard to find. Having true friendship and loyalty, is gold now days. Find your gold and keep it close to your heart.