Love Yourself

As I am getting older, I reflector on my past. All I can say to my old self. I wish I have learned to love myself sooner. Self-loving is so important physical and mental. I was always loving and caring for others more than myself. I go out my way making others feel special. That I couldn’t do for myself. To the point, I delay my personal plan and career. Just keep those around me happy and at peace. Myself disappoint and sad, that I am not where or what I should. 

I have goals and I plan to meet them. This path is not easy to walk, but I will find my way. That is just life. It’s not easy, it not bubble gum, rainbow. It’s up and down with surprise. Good and bad. So dream hard, work hard, play hard cause it’s going be hard. That life. Do what makes you happy. Life too short, so stop wasting your time and love yourself.

Thank you, to my beauty team and photographer. You all were great at helping me get these pictures taken before the rain came. It’s Florida, it rains when it feels like it. This was an adventurous day for this photo shoot. Again thanks for everything, I couldn’t do it without you.