Jax Professional Exchange

Marketing has never been easy or cheap. It is what can make or break a business. Most businesses more then half the budget can be just for marketing alone. The local business truly depends on word of mouth. I am here put the words out.

My team of experts and the BRAND U LOVE company with Cher Davis have put together Jax Professional Exchange. Our mission is to create a networking environment that supports local businesses in the Greater Jacksonville area. We hope to offer the opportunity to help entrepreneurs showcase their products and services and create both domestic and international partnerships.

For being a local filmmaker, I have got the chance to help a lot of local businesses create commercials for talents, products, and services. From actor reel, nails salon, community event, real estate and else. Truly want the locals to be successful. I had an opportunity to help a lot of locals find ways, to expand their list of clientele.

Personal like see and be part of the growth of Jacksonville Flordia. Jacksonville the city of the Jaguars is a very big city, but still has a lot of room to grow. With Jax Professional Exchange, we plan for more locals’ success.