Recently, I have taken part in a segment on the INTAKE Talk Show. Where I share the experience of my culture and western life, how it has affected me mentally. How I’m finding peace. “The talk show that takes mental health to another level by enlightening the world on societal and cultural norms and stigmas that affect the human psyche. The show addresses issues that most media outlets find taboo to discuss with real people experiencing real issues. Coming…”

With the ladies, I was completely an open book. My culture is a very high risk of suicidal. Getting mental help is very unspoken. The culture, itself is not big on talking about their feels. By not talking about feeling the relationships with the family is a blur or like co-worker then family. For example, you talk to your father and tell him you made A on the test. His reply is “ok” and nothing more. What most are looking for is the response, “Awesome! You study hard too. I’m so proud of you;” with a hug.

This practice of no emotions has been around for thousands of years. It’s not something can change overnight, still today these practices are continuing. Time has a change, the culture is not keeping up with the time. As things across the world are becoming western. There is a major cultural crash is happening.

Personal opinion, I want to say the Asian American has it the worst. Myself experience is a mental issue of living a double life. I drive myself crazy every day in this life. There are just so many voices telling me how, what, when, why run my life. Between the culture, the family, the community, I am left with very little room to speak. I am rebelling and I will continue the fight for my voice and others. That is just too scare say anything. Cause if there thousands committing suicide. I am not alone, that need help.