Filmmaker Bio

Mai Nguyen (MY NWIN) is mostly known for be producer within the community. She is a jack of all trades from producing, camera, lighting, to editing. Some her favorite things to do for productions is location scouting and floor layout for camera/lighting. She believes great communication with her crew and cast. When she is present or not on set, the crew/cast are clear in their position and job.

She enjoys every part of film pre-production, production and post-production. Her works are very diverse in culture and genre, from British, French, Spanish, Jamaican, Vietnamese, and else. To live events (wedding/ runway), horror, sci-fi, romance, comedy, drama, and else.

New York Fashion Week, maybe one the biggest highlight event for Mai. She met a lot great models and designers of fashion. Being present this event she ran into few A list celebrity. For being in charge interview the celebrity and designer after runway show. Like Rebecca Taylor show case of her collection. After interviewing Rebecca, she had opportunity meet Miss J.Alexander who gave honest and sweet opinion on Rebecca’s collection.

Mai feel she learn so much from every productions, this industry she feel you will never stop learning. As
technologies continue changing the possibility what filmmaker can do is unlimited. She hopes bring
WIFT her energy, show other this industry is more just putting a camera in front an actor. It’s planning,
scheduling, budgeting, marketing, and working your craft. Anyone can tell a story, but how to capture
the story is another. To creative you need great crew and cast, from there. Possibility. Unlimited.