California Wedding

I was invited to California, and I couldn’t say no. 

California is the epitome of beach life. I was there shooting a wedding and it turned into a vacation. Business and sight-seeing never felt so good. 

I was invited to a same-sex wedding and it was so special; the blushing brides were as beautiful as a California sunset. The venue was at golf club, and the landscapes were breath-taking. It was a small affair, but there was so much love in the air.  I’m proud to say that I was a part of their special moment. 

After the wedding, I met with several West Coast filmmakers, and photographers and from them I learned about a dramatic difference in expectations as opposed to clients on the East Coast. The folks in California don’t question the value of video and pictures because they want quality, and they know that quality is worth the price. I learned very quickly that clients on the West coast had a completely different attitude toward negotiating prices. 

California prices are sky high, the cost of living there is insane! Many of the roads have no lights, and I sometimes felt like I was driving on a deserted road. Everything looked so beautiful, but it pays to drive extra carefully with so many hills and mountains! 

The natural landscapes there were beautiful just like the people. Santa Monica was definitely my favorite place to visit. It had a “Baywatch” sort of feel to it. The sand, the ocean, and all the sexy bodies walking around made me drool like a puppy with a new toy.

Being a filmmaker in Los Angeles was an awesome feeling; it was great seeing the Hollywood sign, the walk of fame, and Beverly Hills. I felt proud of myself for saying yes to this trip, and I won’t regret it.  It was truly an amazing experience.  Hollywood is know for the lights, the cameras, the action, and the fame but I don’t really care about the fame at all. I don’t like the spotlight. It doesn’t matter to me, but I’ll ease into for the sake of business. I hated social media once, but I’ve learned to make it my own. One day, I’ll deal with fame on my own terms too – if you want to hang with the big dogs, you gotta do what they do.