Photo Shoot: Tet Trung Thu (Moon Festival)

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Providing the Vietnamese Association of Jacksonville (VAJV) ( with event photography for this year's Tet Trung Thu (Moon Festival) was an exciting experience! I am very big on having BéMai Productions give back to the surrounding community especially because I personally have performed plenty of volunteer hours for different events all over Jacksonville in the past. An example is the "Best Buddies" program in Jacksonville which "fosters one-to-one friendship between students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities..." and "helps breaks through social barriers at an important time in a young person's life." (

Photography by Mai Nguyen.

Working with the VAJV brought the act of volunteer participation closer to home for me because our company emphasizes working with people from so many different ethnicities and walks of life. Having the opportunity to work with a local organization related to my same cultural background was a treat! People always say, "Don't forget your roots". I, for one, can't ever forget. My culture and my relationships that I have formed with people in the Jacksonville community have made me who I am today. As an individual and as a public figure, I have and always will strive for BéMai Productions to make contributions to the community. That way, people will look back on the history of our company and know that we made a positive difference in the world with everything we do. ♥   

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  1. Linh

    Thank You Be Mai Production for the coming out and supporting our event and take Awesome Pictures !!!


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